Do you enjoy evolving games? Generally speaking, these are types of games that are focused on upgrading your character, training them, buying various upgrades, etc. Today I want to present you one of such browser games – Duck Life 4

This game is pretty much all about upgrading your character, constant improvement, and upgrades. Your main character is a duck and his goal is simple – he wants to become champion of the race. Now it is really hard to achieve this goal since there are a lot of skilled runners ut there, some of them are dedicated to their goal it won’t be easy at all to defeat them. No need to worry, you have various tools to improve your chances of victory, we will talk about them below.

So there was a ban on genetically modified ducks for a whole year, a year passed pretty fast and now it is your turn to defeat some of the best duck world runners. You will meet various opponents on the track and your job is to defeat all of them, you are either number one or nothing at all.

There are up to six different locations where you have to show your best results.

A lot of choices
The game allows you to pick your favorite type of duck or customize them later on if you want to. There is a pretty big collection of various colors as well as looks. As always in the early stages of the game, you have weaker ducks to choose from, but later on, as you gain more EXP points and money you can visit shops and find ducks with better characteristics.

By the way, the difference lays not only in how your ducks look or what color they are, but they also have different unique strength, speed, agility parameters as well. Keep that in mind when you are planning to build up your team!

Place where we change for better
In the main menu of the game you can find a brand new location called Grassland, this is the right place for you if you want to change for the better if you want to evolve and become the better version of yourself. In Grassland you can train your duck, you can complete different challenges, and earn yourself a good reputation in order to get invited to the main event.

New levels
As you know this is Duck Life 4, which means that there are already three previous versions and the game got updated four times already and there is a lot of new stuff in it as well as improvements and changes. I love the new visual and musical styles, new levels in it, new opportunities and features.

We already mentioned Grassland, the area where you train and complete various different challenges. However, there are more, Grassland is the only beginning, as you progress, improve and change you unlock new levels: Swamp, Glacier, Mountains, City, and Volcano. Toughest and final level is of course Volcano, here you will meet your final opponent – Frank the Fire Duck!

Some small tips to follow
In this game you are as good as your physical shape, number one priority for your duck is training and self-improvement and nothing more. Focus on your core skills, learn how to run correctly, how to swim, how to fly, etc. Train your duck as if there is no tomorrow and you will for sure overcome all of the obstacles in your way.

Apart from training, collecting money is also important, why? Because currency allows you to buy better characteristics, it allows you to upgrade your duck and improve your running skills. Like I have said before, being in good physical shape is essential in Duck Life.

Mobile version
Enjoying game much? Why not download the mobile version as well and play it from your phone? We have official links leading you to the app page, all major platforms are supported and the game runs perfectly well nearly on all phones.

Video from pro players
If you want to learn some next-level gaming tricks check the following video from YouTube, it explains everything in detail and can offer you some ideas to improve your gaming skills.

Final word
Those of you who enjoy evolving games will definitely find Duck Life 4 a fascinating game to play. You will enjoy the fast options that this game can offer you, you will love the graphics of the game, you will love the physics of the game and training maps. Earning currency and buying better characteristics is one of the key features that evolving games should have and this game has a lot of it.

Play it, train your ducks, never stop and do your best to become the number one runner in the duck world!